_P0D7930Randle, WA

Ahh, the Landscape.

Quick News Flash:  I just published this book https://www.amazon.com/Exposures-Mike-Penney/dp/1388075156 in December 2018.  It’s a 100 page selection of art images including many landscapes.

I try to show you something you can’t see with just a casual look. We are living lives at 60 miles per hour these days and as a result not really “seeing” much of anything. The camera moves at ZERO miles per hour looking and seeing what’s REALLY there (at least MY version of what’s there). Hope you enjoy this… If you need one of these images for your own wall  there is a print site listed below.

For the commercial end of things let me refer you to my main website: PhotobyMike and

I now have a PRINT ORDERING SITE where you can get prints, greeting cards, canvas, and frames of any image….  CLICK HERE

What got me going?  At first we saw my dad’s slide shows. Glass chromes and then Kodachrome, and sometimes WWII photos on Okinawa. He was good. Those slide shows did not put me to sleep. Then there was this photo (1945 Mt. Williamson viewed from near the Japanese war camp of Manzanar by Ansel Adams), exquisitely reproduced via a rotogravure press insert in Modern Photography magazine back in the 1960’s, that really got me thinking about how to produce super high quality images of the world.

When you say “camera” most people these days think of a 35mm or a point and shoot pocket camera or even a cell phone/ cigarette lighter conversion.  Not me, I think: 8 x 10 inch view camera on a tripod weighing about 40+ pounds with another case of film holders weighing 40+ pounds and the effort it takes to find the shot, set up the equipment, and make the photo (not to mention the arduous processing and printing).

Much improved digital cameras have changed all this… I can make a 32 bit 15 stop dynamic range photo of 100+ megabytes in just a few steps these days with a 2 pound camera (you still need the tripod if you are doing serious work). Maybe that’s too easy? I still think you have to work for the image to get it right.


©Ansel Adams 1945

Contact me for questions, technical info or assignments 🙂  mike@photobymike.com  or 206-432-5111 somewhere along the west coast of the US…

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